Deluxe Curved Series 2.35:1 113" High Contrast Grey Micro Perf

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  • 3.25" deluxe, velvet-wrapped frame.
  • Optically-coated or acoustic materials.
  • Eligible for custom build program.

What is the Deluxe Curved Series, cf?

The Deluxe Curved Series, cf is a collection of fixed frame projection screens that have a slight curve and 2.35:1 UltraWide cinema format designed to deliver a more immersive movie experience. They are an ideal choice for dedicated home theaters.

Experience Deluxe Curved

The Deluxe Curved is a series of curved fixed frame projection screens designed for use in dedicated home theaters.Each Deluxe Curved screen is built with an all-aluminum frame set with a slight 27:1 curve to deliver the optimal amount of projector light to the audience. This immerses the viewer more than even before, bringing a new level of realism into the viewing experience. The Deluxe Curved features Severtson Flex RTS: Rod Tensioning System for easy assembly and a perfectly flat, tensioned viewing surface.

Ultimate Movie Watching

The Deluxe Curved features the UltraWide 2.35:1 (CinemaScope) aspect ratio that is intended for watching movies.Now you can enjoy movies in their native format on the same projection screen materials that are used in cinemas and movie theaters world-wide. The Deluxe Curved Series, cf can be paired with any of Severtson's standard or signature high-end materials and coatings. Each Deluxe Curved screen is custom-made to meet exacting standards and individualized needs. Bring home the cinema experience with a Deluxe Curved projection screen and one of Severtson's signature USA-made projection surfaces.